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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The absurdity of some people

There continue to be more than a little conversation about the unemployment picture as it relates to this country, as well as many thoughts on how to resolve it. Allow me to offer up some clear unadulterated thinking on the subject at hand: There will be no meaningful job growth without manufacturing of apparel, storm doors and windows, carpeting, furniture making, or any other commodity that an average person (not a university, college or technical school achiever) may find gainful employment in. There's an abundance of  hype going on in the forth-estate and other places that's putting far too much emphasis on being "retrained" or the "green jobs" environment, the truth of the matter is, even if everyone achieved a degree of some type in any number of fields, there would not be enough of those jobs to satisfy that "unemployment monster," and as far as green jobs, there will only be "X" number of jobs coming on line for those type of jobs. More than half ( I'm supposing) of this country's citizens are suited to sitting in a class room or via the Internet to learn or earn a degree of certificate or anything else that will propel them into a more lucrative arena to sustain themselves in a vibrant life style. I am not talking down the American citizen can do attitude, rather, I am merely annotating the truth as it relate to the subject at hand. In order that the average citizen have a fighting chance to emerge from this struggle of  being unemployed, those that are in leadership positions (Congressman's, Mayors and Governor's, along with whomever is sitting in the Oval Office) must see the practicality of  injecting a common sense approach to the problem and understand the scope of the problem of a  people struggling  for survival, to do less is tantamount to enabling the citizenry to commit suicide.

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